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Mayfair Deluxe

Mayfair Cleaners took its name from the Mayfair area of London, home to one of the world’s most prestigious and exclusive shopping districts. With Mayfair Deluxe we bring that same luxury to your finest garments. We understand the pride you take in your clothing and our Mayfair Deluxe service provides extra care to protect the color, fabric, and shape of your garments without using harmful toxins. Every shirt and garment is inspected by our expert personnel to ensure that our customers receive the highest satisfaction.

Custom Alterations

From patching up your favorite jeans, to relining your winter coat, to hemming your gown, our seamstress is the expert in hand finished work and always available to fit your clothes. Mayfair Cleaners’ experienced tailor can satisfied all you’re alteration needs!

Wedding Gown Preservation

Let Mayfair Cleaners be a part of your wedding through our Wedding Gown Preservation service. We clean, moth proof, and specially preserve your wedding gown in our elegant gown boxes. Let us do a part in saving your memories by saving your dress!

Free Clothing Storage

It’s that time of the year again to pack up your winter sweaters and make room for your spring tees. Yet do you find that your closet is overflowing and there is simply no room for your pants and jackets? Don’t you just wish there was more room? Though we can’t build you a new closet, Mayfair Cleaners can store your clothes for FREE! We’ll clean your clothes and store them in mothproof bags for one season, giving you more space, protecting your clothes, and leaving you hassle and worry free!

Special Services

Let Mayfair Cleaners take care of all your special dry cleaning needs such as; table clothes, suede garments, leather garments, window treatments and pillows.